A Guide to Playing Domino Poker

Published On March 9, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Poker

Domino poker is an alternate form of straight poker games. This game makes use of a double six set of dominoes that have [1-1] and all the blank tiles removed. This makes sure to leave 20 tiles in the set. The game can have a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players.

 Domino Poker

Making the deal

Before making a deal in Domino Poker you should put a small amount (predetermined) into the pot. This will be your ante. You can now make a deal and that will always be in five tiles. No matter what number of players is participating in the game this will be the same. The rest tiles are allowed to rest face down.

The steps to play the game

 Playing 99 domino poker games is the same as straight poker. The play rotates to the left side starting from eldest hand. The steps for the game:


You should be performing a timely check to stay in the game. There is no need to add money to the pot. But this can only be done in the first round of betting, especially when no one has placed their bet.


This step is to drop out of the game without making a claim to the pot. The rule is a player who folds should not show his hand.

99 domino poker


To bet the player has to add some amount of money to the pot. In general, a minimum and a maximum bet is placed in advance. You should take this step when no one else has placed a bet.


In this step, the player puts enough of his money to contribute as much as other players. The betting ends when there is a point where everyone has stakes who have not folded the same amount of money.

Raising the bet

You can raise a bet only when another player has done it. The player with more money would be required for the call. The extra amount is the raise amount that should be announced by the player. This increases the amount and thus if other players want to stay in the game they have to add money.

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