Tips for effective multitasking in online poker

Published On October 3, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Casino

Playing at multiple tables at once is the biggest advantage of online poker, and you can multiply your profits. Virtually all online professionals play multiple tables at once, some only 4 tables; some guys can handle even 20. However, you need to follow a few proven tips to make multi tabling really beneficial for you.

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Multitabble only if you can handle one table

Every novice idn qq poker player must first gain confidence playing at one table before adding another. If you are rather bored while playing on one table and you make most of the decisions automatically and without thinking, this is the right time to add another table. But if you don’t have that experience yet and you have to think about every decision for a long time, you better wait until you gain more certainty before adding more tables.

Start with just two tables and add gradually

The biggest mistake of players who start with multitabling is that they start playing many tables at once. Then they don’t catch up, and when they have more important hands at once, they play hastily and their win rate drops to negative values. But you are multi-tabled to increase your profits, so start with just two tables and gradually get used to it. When you gain confidence and get bored at two tables, add a third one and so on.

Use a four-color deck of cards

It is highly recommended using a four-color deck of cards when playing on multiple tables, in each online game room you can set it in the View or Options or Settings tab. There is not so much time in multi-tabulation and it happens that many times you miss your opponent’s chance of a flush, for example you confuse diamonds (diamonds) and hearts. Thanks to the four-color package, all colors are beautifully distinguished (black, red, green, and blue).

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Types of poker players – 4 basic types

It is said that the personality of each poker player is reflected in his style of play. You will meet a number of different characters and playing styles at one table. In general, we can divide poker players into 2 basic categories according to the degree of their aggression or passivity and according to the frequency of betting. Most poker players have more or less fall into one of categories. Keep in mind, however, that the boundaries between them are not precisely defined, and some players can quickly change their style of play to confuse others.

Tight Aggressive (TAG) – solid player

You don’t want to have this player at the poker online table, because he is the type of player who wins most often. Tight aggressive player participates in the game only with good combinations, and plays with them very aggressively. In addition, he sometimes abuses his image and can bluff with a worse combination. So play very carefully against tight-aggressive players.

Loose Aggressive (LAG) – maniac or pro

The loose aggressive player plays many more combinations, and he also plays with them very aggressively. However, his range of cards is much larger, so you can call him much more often than tight-aggressive players. LAG players include some very experienced professionals like Gus Hansen. However, most LAG players are gamblers and maniacs, so you can turn such players around. For example, all you have to do is provoke them all-in with a worse hand while you hold a high pair or AK.

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