Top 5 Amazing Online Games to Play

Published On January 23, 2018 | By Donald Phillips | Gambling

Games on android and tablets are taking over the physical sport. People prefer to hit the gym early morning and enjoy the rest of the time playing games at the cozy corner of their home. Gone are those days of flash cards and board games, adult generation needs something at par with their skills. A number of online games are totally addictive and will leave you magnetized for a long time. From adventure games to qqpoker, these could be quite an addiction.

  1. Wonderputt:

Not everyone likes to play golf but this game is going to make you fall for it. It’s a crazy game with different levels to compete online. On the animation side, you will find mini ski slopes, mini golf courses, herds of sheep that eat the grass to make it look all fresh for you to play. From graphics to play modes, everything is crazy in this game.

  1. Die 2 Nite:

Die 2 Nite is a multi-player game for those who love zombies. The game is serious and every time you play the levels, you are greeted with messages like; “Be positive! You are going to die.” You need to wait till the server time hits the exact time. As soon as the time is up, the zombies will come out and play with you.

  1. Slither:

Slither has been a mandate in almost all android versions now. It teaches you the exact cursor controls and you will remember the old good times of pac-man. You won’t be able to resist making your snake longer and saving yourself from other snakes.

  1. Poker:

Poker games are colorful, profitable, and amazing to play online. More gamblers are switching to online qqpoker for various reasons. The players find it safe and convenient to play online rather visiting a casino personally. Moreover, you have various sites to play online poker and begin with a lowest budget.

  1. Robot Unicorn Attack:

Find the followers on Instagram and you will be amazed to know the numbers. There are innumerable feeds filled with bagels, ice creams, and hair of unicorn. It’s a simple yet very popular game to experience. We bet you will be sticking for hours to play this amazing addictive game.

There are oodles of games to try online and save lots of cash than wasting money at a game zone in person. Enjoy these and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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